Labyrinth Update May 2018

We had a lovely World Labyrinth Day event. Here are some photos. Thanks to all who showed up for: World Labyrinth Day, Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge and Jane’s Walk!

Tea Recipes from Sandy

Jackie Conradi-Robertson with her finished painting. She said: I kept seeing more and more that I wanted to include.
The kids walking the courtyard labyrinth. I hope they’ll do it more often now.
Jackie Conradi-Robertson beginning her painting.
Sandy enjoyed putting out teas from our garden – plus the very popular ginger-sugar syrup for added sweetness.

For Sandy’s tips and recipes for tea, click here.TeaRecipes




A painting begins. And then the light shifted….
painting, walking, running.
Hawk was very interested in learning about oil painting from Pat.
Several people joined at 3pm through Jane’s Walk advertising.


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