Jannika Nyberg

Jannika Nyberg is a community builder with a passion for citizenship education. An experiential educator with deep roots in outdoor education and democratic pedagogy, Jannika roots her practice in inclusion. 
The heart of Jannika’s philosophy of education is, in fact, the heart of the learner. When we educate the heart, we are simultaneously enriching the relationships and communities of the learner and thereby cocreating a more caring society. Thrilled to be one of the Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guide facilitators, Jannika was drawn to this program both personally and professionally. Her academic studies focused on de-colonizing Canadian history, reconciliation in education and treaty rights.
Personally, Jannika has worked with urban Indigenous students, loving the opportunity to facilitate space for young Indigenous leaders to discover their own agency. So the opportunity to facilitate THRRG in this wonderful community was met with immediate enthusiasm. 


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