Jane Slemon – bio

Jane Slemon is a member of ErRatica and JES (Jane Slemon, Ellen van der Hoeven, and Susan Larkin,)

Here’s what their website says about her.
Heading up to our tent in the Ontario woods, we were always singing in the car. I was the fourth kid to arrive into the family, so guess which harmony was left.  My mother tended to get us out of bed in the morning by singing something silly: “Wakie, wakie, tea and cakie” (shoes tumbling affectionately toward her).

Mom and Dad knew tons of songs: the silly and the romantic war time songs, the swing songs, and they crooned beautifully together.  All of us were subjected to piano lessons as kids, and (probably since we were more likely to be playing street hockey and climbing trees than be indoors practicing) a $50 scholarship was set for any who achieved the Grade 8 Royal Conservatory exam.  I got close, but none of us won it.

When I moved to Vancouver, I picked up guitar and flute and found a community of people who wanted to play music—good luck, great parties. I know and love those people still.

They are all over town, making music, making things happen.  Some of them are in the band.


Here are some youtube videos of JES.






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