In the Interim – September Update from Rev. Lara Cowtan

I have been in Vancouver since the beginning of August, settling in as UCV’s Interim Minister for the next two years. What a beautiful city! Aside from exploring and unpacking, my weeks have been filled with online meetings with UCV members, leaders, staff and committees. It has been a real privilege hearing your stories, and I hope to meet many more of you in the coming weeks and months. It is an honour to serve people who so clearly love and are dedicated to this community.

Following the retirement of Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson, who served UCV so well for 19 years, this time of transition, is an opportunity to:

  •  Reflect reflect on the past, claiming and honoring all that has shaped UCV
  • Illuminate UCV’s unique identity, its strengths, needs and challenges
  • Clarify the multiple dimensions of leadership needed for UCV to thrive
  • Renewing and connecting with relationships and resources in the wider community
  • Preparing to engage in a new future with renewed vision, stewardship and commitment.

These are the goals of the Transitions Team, who will be working alongside me during this exciting and challenging time.

Together we will continue the great work of this congregation and explore new opportunities to create meaningful connections.  Please reach out and introduce yourself to me, I am looking forward to our time together.

In Faith,

Rev. Lara Cowtan


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