Happy International Women’s Day

We are celebrating International Women’s Day with several one-off events as well as the recent launch of two monthly women’s groups.

And a new website page where you can find out about news and events that relate to women’s groups and women’s issues. https://vancouverunitarians.ca/community/small-groups/womens-groups/

From Sheila Resels

Women’s Groups – A Promising Beginning

Last Monday evening we had the first session of our *Wednesday Evening Women’s Group”. Twelve folks are registered. Ten attended. We met in the Fireside room. A welcoming crackling fireplace greeted us all. As it was our first meeting, I was curious to see who these women were? Some I had briefly met.  The bulk I didn’t know. When we did our round of introductions I learned we came from all walks of life. A teacher, a creative consultant, a journalist, a food specialist, a publisher…to name but a few. An inter-generational group that ranged from 26 to 78 years of age.  Each of us with a fascinating past. As I got a glimpse into these lives I wondered about the stories yet to discover.
We all had one thing in common. We were interested in connecting with one another,  in discovering ways to empower women, to discuss current women’s issues and, above all, to support one another.
Although our gathering consisted of determining ground rules, selecting topics and other logistics, the most fascinating parts were the individual stories, the enthusiasm in the air and the sense of possibility for this journey we were embarking upon. Together.
One of our participants, Naomi, summed it up well when she said, “Truly, it is through shared experiences and stories that we grow, reflect and expand who we are. In life and in the context of this group we all shift through life through our interactions with others and thus we assume many roles that include: teachers, mentors, students and leaders.”
A second Women’s Group will have their first meeting this Friday afternoon. It too has 12 registered women (the maximum). What a privilege to meet yet another group of women. To explore, discover and play with.
To be continued…
*The Women’s Groups were born out of a discussion group that took place at the 4th Annual Women’s Gathering. Two women’s groups are well underway. A list being created for a third group. Contact Sheila at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.

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