Grow community as well as a garden

Nina Rashleigh, grandmother to Owen, mother and mother-in-law to former DREs Jen and Morgan, has a message for anyone at UCV who would love to grow vegetables and flowers but doesn’t have access to a garden. She writes:

I have a good size garden in Kerrisdale which I would love to share. You get 2 or 3 plots of land for your use ( 2 plots are 7 x 5 feet each, one of which is in shade in the morning, 1 plot is 2.5 x 9 feet). In return I hope to have help with watering my garden in the summer.

Please email Nina or phone her at (604) 263-9997 if you’d like to know more.

note: the featured image is from a post by Mary Bennett about smaller plots on the north side of Hewett Centre


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