Fix-it Folks Wanted

Do you have a small household appliance that does’t work? Do you feel bad at the idea of throwing it in the garbage? Do you wonder if it would be possible to repair it?

“Repair Matters” (facebook) Vancouver (B.C.) is an all volunteer service started by four women university students from Simon Fraser and Emily Carr – back around 2015. They have taken a few breaks over time, and have started up again just recently.  Repair Matters invites people to bring their domestic appliances, and related items, (gadget, toys, tools, sport ‘stuff,’ etc.) to their repair events.  They find that with their shared knowledge, and experiences, they are able to repair many of the items brought to them.

“Repair Matters” is looking forward to setting up a repair event at Vancouver Unitarian Church.  We will let you know the time and date for this event when we get our schedules coordinated.

Are you a ‘fix it’ type person who’d enjoy volunteering your time, talent and skills to help members and friends at UCV?

The Environment Team is exploring the idea of creating space for having small household appliances repaired or adjusted. If you have such items hiding out somewhere  that you’d like to have repaired, or if you would like to fix those items (or teach people how to fix them) we’d love to hear from you!

604-733-0370 (leave a message)

email Olga  (subject ‘fix-it’)