Family Picnic and Water Communion: UCV weekend events Sept. 11-12th

Family Picnic – Saturday, Sept. 11 6pm-8pm

It’s time to gather together – outdoors only for now! Join us Saturday, Sept. 11 for a “Bring your own picnic dinner”! We’ll have outdoor tables, ping pong (outdoors), large form bubbles, sidewalk art and games. Easy to serve desserts and drinks will be provided. Any indoor space use (bathrooms/kitchen) requires a mask.

If you’re coming in for the Family Picnic, you can also drop off your water for this year’s Water Communion…

Let us know if you’re planning to come to UCV campus Sept. 11:


Water Communion

Due to the pandemic, this special service can again only be attended online, yet we are again making special efforts so that all can participate in our Water Communion. This year, you are invited to share what you have been grieving, the sorrows and losses experienced in these past 18 months of uncertainty, isolation, and disruption. Your words will be read as waters are poured to mingle our shared sorrows, and then also what you would like to share of new joys and celebrations. Words and waters of sorrows and loss as well as hope and renewal will flow together in meaningful ritual.

Rev. Lara Cowtan
Interim Minister, Unitarian Church of Vancouver

We want you to be included in this year’s Water Ceremony! Please feel free to share what you have been grieving in the past six months of isolation and disruption, and what joys and celebrations are lifting your hope or renewing your spirit. There are a couple of ways to participate in the Water Ceremony ahead of time this year, and please pick the one that suits you best:

  1. Drop off a physical jar of water and written words to be shared under the Portico outside the Sanctuary on Saturday, Sept. 11 between 3p.m. and 6p.m. If you wish to share your message on video, membership outreach coordinator Derrick O’Keefe will be on site to video record messages to be included in the Sept. 12 online service.
  2. Submit written words online to [email protected] with “Water Communion” in the subject line. Your words of grief and/or joy will be spoken aloud during the Sept. 12 service as we pour collected waters into our communion bowl.



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