Youth Theatre Session

Sat, Sep 18, 2021 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

All youth are invited to attend this interactive theatre workshop led by Vivian Davidson and Diane Brown. (Families and friends welcome too)

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UCV Youth! History Nerds! Props Managers! Technical Help!

You are wanted to work with Mary Bennett, Diane Brown and Vivian Davidson for this year’s Encountering Our Ancestors worship service on Sunday, October 31. 
This is when Unitarian, Universalist and UU “ancestors” visit our congregation from beyond the veil to the opening bars of the Twilight Zone music.
UCV members have taken on scripts written by Rev. Steven Epperson and read the script as if they were the visitor beyond the veil.
We start the service that Sunday with a “Samhain” (Hallowe’en) “invocation” of the 4 directions/elements (Air, Fire, Water and Earth).
(Looking for 4 kids to take on those roles!)
Vivian and Diane plus 3 youth who have volunteered to be the actors this year.
6-7: theatre games with Diane
7-7:30pm reading ancestor scripts with Vivian and Mary.
We invite ALL Youth to come to a fun gathering to see how you’d like to be involved. Roles go from representing the Air (etc.) guild, to help with props and costume, technical/sound booth or simply cheerleader/supporter!
If you’re on site for Mystery Pals, byo dinner or if not, bring your dinner just to socialize
Place: Hewett Hall; partly outdoors if good weather
ALSO: If you have EVER been a mystery pal, you’re invited to the Mystery Pal Party from 4-5:30pm.  More fun and games with pals old and young!



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