Winter Solstice Celebration

Sun, Dec 20, 2020 3:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Sanctuary and Hall

Join us in our Ritual to Celebrate the Winter Solstice on December 20th

More details will be posted as they become available.

NOTE November 9: If the lockdown continues this will be cancelled. 

Right now Mary Bennett and Patrick Dubois are looking for people to join a team to plan a fabulous, mainly-outdoors event. Mary has way too many ideas as usual–but some of them plus your own ideas could happen.

Here’s a draft of the plans so far (everything subject to change)

Indoor events will respect the covid plan for maximum numbers and mask wearing.

Note many volunteers are required so events listed below will happen if there are people available to coordinate.

3 – 4 pm


Volunteers will set up shrines in four corners to honour the 4 directions/elements. You can come in for a pilgrimage visiting each station and reflecting on the words and questions as well as feasting your eyes on the displays.

Hall: Create a lantern in the alcove. Materials for a simple mason jar lantern will be provided.

Volunteers needed to organize this space and the supplies.

4 – 4:30 pm

Outside in Courtyard

Gather to light our annual flaming cauldron, cast a circle, call in the 4 directions. Volunteer Cauldron Priest/priestess needed. All participants will be given a rosemary sprig to burn in the cauldron. The cauldron will be video recorded as people add their sprigs to it and the recording will be used the following Sunday for Patrick and Mary’s Fire Communion service over youtube.

4:30 – 5:30 pm


Take your lantern into the sanctuary and place on the stage, keeping distanced from others.

Here you will be treated to a service of readings, performances etc centering our kids and youth. Mary Bennett is keeper of the list. Just send her a note as early as possible if you or your family (or some of them) wish to participate. As there is a maximum # in the Sanctuary, preference will be given to the families whose kids are on the performance list.

This will be similar in character to our traditional candlelight service with much of the time in darkness. We hope that some of the Coming of Age pairs will choose to work together on a piece to share: a poem, musical performance, story, dance, lead ritual elements …  Possibly an enactment of the Holly and Oak Kings changing dominance.

The service will end with devoking directions and opening the circle.

5:30 – 6:30 pm

Hall is closed to prepare for circle dancing.

Sanctuary open to limited # for shrine pilgrimage.

Both outdoor labyrinths are available for walking. Please wear a mask as you can’t keep 6′ distanced from others.

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Circle Dancing in Hall

led by Mairy Beam and Mary Bennett. Other dance leaders are very welcome. Please contact Mary in advance.

As numbers are limited this is by invitation only to those who regularly dance with Mary and Darlene and, if space allows, also participants in the afternoon service.

Masks mandatory and no hand-holding (of course).


In a circle we will honour the changing of the season through pagan ritual (casting a circle, calling directions), meditation, circle dance, lantern making, labyrinth walking and reflection.

This gathering is Family-friendly

RSVP appreciated if you’d like to participate.

The event will include opportunities for

  • solstice meditation
  • circle dancing for solstice
  • create a solstice lantern – tissue paper and mason jars
  • walk the labyrinth with lanterns – what will you find in the centre?
  • writing to the Oak King and the Holly King
  • visiting the altars set up in the 4 directions! Each of the four altars will include a question for you to reflect on
    • east – yellow – air
    • south – red/orange – fire
    • west – blue – water
    • north – green and brown – earth

Our 6th source recognizes earth-centred spiritual traditions. These celebrations borrow from both neo-pagan and Unitarian traditions.



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