Virtual Coffee Hour

Sun, Nov 1, 2020 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

You can come directly after the service, or drop-in at any point up to 1 pm.

All ages welcome. We sometimes have a few visitors from across Canada or beyond.

Join here any time from 12 to 1 pm:

It helps if you rename yourself by adding the name of the breakout room you’d like to be in, e.g. S Mary Bennett for going to the breakout room Sermon discussion. This helps the volunteer organizing the breakout rooms to get you where you want to be swiftly.

Regular topics include:

  • Sermon discussion – share comments about today’s service
  • Open chat
  • Family chat – noise and silliness definitely welcome! Lots of show and tell. Kids voices are centred/privileged.
  • Anti-racism discussion

Monthly sessions

  • 2nd Sunday Book group
  • 1st Sunday Family Chat is a  Mystery pal reunion for anyone who has been part of this program or is considering it in the future – Mary Bennett facilitates. Matched pairs go into breakout rooms to reconnect. Others stay in a “mixed” breakout room. Helpful if people RSVP in advance but not essential
  • 4th Sunday Refugee Committee
  • Other groups as requested

You’ll see an invitation to a breakout room come up on your screen.

  • Please let us know if there’s a topic you’d like to propose to others for next week’s coffee time.

Coffee hour facilitators include John, Donna, Mary and Erin.

New zoom coffee hour volunteers wanted!

Could you help facilitate at least one Sunday a month?

Training and support provided.

We especially would welcome young people and new people.

Contact if you’re willing to give this a whirl. It looks like virtual coffee is going to continue for quite some time.


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