UCV Virtual Coffee Hour

Sun, May 17, 2020 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Sign in at ucv.im/coffee-hour as soon as the CUC event ends.

You’ll need the regular password. Contact ucvconnect@gmail.com if you don’t know it.

We’ll have our own coffee chat as soon as the CUC worship service and coffee chat ends.

Mary, Nan and John will be on board to set up breakout groups.

As usual, there will be a room for sermon discussion, chat, family chat… and whatever you’d like. I, Mary, would love to hear your reviews and recommendations for online theatre performances. If there are a couple of people online who’d like to share, I’ll be in that room.

Thank you to John and Nan – so I can now join in a conversation in a breakout group.

If you can propose a small group topic in advance to ucvconnect@gmail.com that would be appreciated, but we set up a couple of “miscellaneous” spaces so you can propose something on the spot.

Think of it like we’ve booked a meeting room at the conference centre just for UCVers to come and chat after the national gathering.

You can come directly after the service, or drop-in at any point up to 1 pm. All ages welcome. We expect we’ll have a few visitors from across Canada. Join here any time from 12 to 1 pm: ucv.im/coffee-hour

You will need a password. It will show up on the live cast feed of the worship service or contact ucvconnect@gmail.com  in advance.

This week you’ll be invited to join small groups (approximately 5 people) with various topics including:

  • sermon discussion – share comments about today’s service
  • covid-19 check-in – share how you’re adapting to the “new normal”
  • music and choir – Erin Moulding will respond to questions about how we’re doing music and choir at this time.
  • CUC AGM delegates – Keith Wilkinson, chair of our UU Connections committee
  • books and video discussion – what are you reading and watching?

How this will work: You’ll see an invitation to a breakout room come up on your screen. If that’s a group you’d like to join, just click JOIN. If not, just continue your conversation in the main room, and wait for the invitation you’d like to receive. You can leave the breakout room (small group discussion) and return to the main room at any time.

  • Please let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to propose to others for next week’s coffee time. Probably a maximum of 5 choices is good.

If you’d like to talk with a particular group of people or on a topic, Mary as the host can put you and your people together in a breakout room. Otherwise they will be just assigned automatically with 4-6 people in each group.


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