Virtual Coffee Hour – 5 choices for your conversational pleasure

Sun, Apr 5, 2020 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

This week you’ll be invited to join small groups (approximately 5 people) with these options for topics:

  • sermon discussion – share comments about today’s service
  • covid-19 check-in – share how you’re adapting to the “new normal”
  • music and choir – Erin Moulding will respond to questions about how we’re doing music and choir at this time.
  • CUC AGM delegates – Keith Wilkinson, chair of our UU Connections committee
  • book  discussion – what are you reading and watching? – Bruce McIvor and Phaedra

You can come directly after the service, or drop-in at any point up to 1 pm. All ages welcome. We expect we’ll have a few visitors from across Canada. Join here: 

How this will work: Until 12:10 or so, we’ll meet in the main room. Then you’ll see an invitation to a breakout room come up on your screen. If that’s the group you’d like to join, just click JOIN. If not, just continue your conversation in the main room, and wait for a different invitation: the one you’d like to receive. Once you join a breakout room, you can leave at any point and return to the main room or leave the meeting directly from the breakout room.

Change your name to choose your group

You can make it easy for me to sort people by changing your name to include the one word of the group you’d like to join, e.g. Mary Bennett books or Keith Wilkinson CUC or Erin Moulding music.

Here’s how to do that from:

Click “Participants”: See who’s currently in the meeting. The Participants list also gives you access to several options:

  • Rename: Hover over your name and click Rename to change your screen name displayed to other participants.

Please let me know if there’s a topic you’d be willing to facilitate for next week’s coffee time.

Probably a maximum of 5 choices is good.



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