Triumphs and Turmoil: a community look-back at UCV’s ministerial history

Wed, Feb 15, 2023 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Fireside Room

Note: This session will be held both in the Fireside Room and on Zoom.  We strongly encourage participants to pre-register to help our planning and to receive advance materials whether attending in person or on Zoom.

This third session is in follow-up to the gatherings on November 16, 2022, and January 18, 2023 on UCV’s history of ministry. This series is an initiative of the Ministerial Transition Team (MTT) facilitated by members of the Healthy Relations Team.
We will continue to review the timeline of ministry at UCV. The first meeting covered the ministries of the late Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett and the late Rev. John Quirk. In the second meeting we heard details about those ministries from extensive archival material that highlighted successes and also provided clear transparent information about the challenges. We then had a short discussion. In the upcoming third meeting, again supported by the archival record, we will hear about and discuss the associate and interim ministries from 1985-94 and the settled ministry of Rev. Sydney Morris (’95-’99). We hope to elicit brief stories, celebrate particular highlights, clarify differing viewpoints, and where possible address lingering griefs or conflicts about past decisions and actions/inactions related to ministry. We will discuss how problematic issues were addressed, and what processes we have or should have in place now. We’ll reflect on how the strengths of the ministries along with the challenges and their resolutions continue to shape us.
All welcome, whether you have attended the previous sessions or not! Once again, please pre-register here.


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