Session 5 – Triumphs and Turmoil: a community look-back at UCV’s ministerial history

Wed, Mar 29, 2023 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Fireside Room

Note: This session will be hybrid: both in the Fireside Room and on Zoom

Please pre-register to receive the Zoom link and to receive advance materials whether attending in person or on Zoom.  Pre-register by 5pm on March 29 (any later we can’t guarantee you’ll receive the Zoom link in time).

This series is an initiative of the Ministerial Transition Team (MTT) facilitated by members of the Healthy Relations Team.

In this upcoming fifth session of Triumphs and Turmoil, we continue to reflect upon UCV’s history of ministry. We are at the end of the archival material, and this evening’s session takes us through the ministry of Rev. Steven Epperson from 2002-2020. In the first four sessions we covered the ministries of the late Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett, the late Rev. John Quirk, several interim ministries, the ministry of Rev. Sydney Morris, the interim ministry of Rev. Andy Backus, and the RE ministry of the late Rev. Ann Buckmaster.

These sessions have been warmly received and have highlighted the importance of truly knowing our history, admitting our frailties and blindspots, acknowledging and learning from harmful episodes, and celebrating our many triumphs. Many of us have been surprised at how little we knew about critically important events. There has been universal appreciation for the tremendous preparation and lively presentations by UCV’s archivist, Diana Ellis. We see how knowing our history can support us as we invite a new settled minister.

All welcome, whether you have attended the previous sessions or not! Once again, please pre-register here.

Leslie Kemp and Nancy Barker, Co-Facilitators


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