All Ages Book (and Video) Sharing via Zoom

Tue, May 26, 2020 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Paula and Mary invite you to join us for book (and video) sharing discussion via zoom every Tuesday 4 pm to 5 pm Pacific time. ALL AGES WELCOME. Kids are welcome to pre-record their book review and join us for as little or as long as they’d like to.

Email and phone is nice but the facial cues are even better at combatting loneliness. (See link here and excerpt below*.)
I’m usually online 5 to 10 minutes early in case you need to practise some zoom techniques.

We have 3 rounds

1. A general introduction: name, something about your involvement at UCV and something you’ve read or watched recently.
2. Share an excerpt from a book you’re reading or have read recently and why you recommend it. OR share a poem that has moved you OR give us a recommendation for a film available on line or by DVD.
3. A “check-out” – saying farewell.
If there are more than 5 people we’ll break into groups of three to five for part 2 and come back together for part 3.
Unitarians from across Canada are invited to join us:
Join Zoom Meeting by clicking or pasting in this link:
You’ll be asked for a password. Contact in advance if you don’t know it.

Article reference excerpt from Scientific American

Face-to-face from afar: The next best thing to in-person interaction is video chat, because facial cues, body language and other nonverbal forms of communication are important for bonding. When possible, opt for video over messaging or calling and play around with doing what you would normally do with others. For example, try having a digital dinner with someone you met on a dating app, a virtual happy hour with friends or a remote book club meeting.”
Scientific American
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Note the same password works on all of these gatherings (but not other zoom events at UCV so be sure to check in advance.)





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