Mystery Pal Check-in 1st Sunday

Sun, Jun 7, 2020 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

I love the mystery pal program and have offered to assist Kiersten with spreading the “good news” AND my pal and I didn’t get to meetup at the reveal party, so the 2 of us will definitely be online on Sunday June 6 around 12 pm with pal’s mom.

I hope if you’ve ever been a pal, or parent of a pal, you’ll consider joining us. If you’ve never been a mystery pal, but think you might want to do it next year, you are also welcome.

Our youtube services have given us more of a chance to “meet” our kids through their greetings, pageant and singing. Here’s one more chance to meet and learn from our youngest members.

I’d like to encourage giving the kids lots of space to share their thoughts, feelings and perhaps even questions and the role of adults is to primarily be good listeners.  We’ll all learn some things that way.

Kids – is there anything you’d like from your adult pals – specific and general? Are you willing to share with us how you’re doing and who you are? I hope so.

Join with mystery pals, current, past and future and hear from our kids what’s going on in their lives. Kids can of course ask the grownups questions, but mainly the intention is for the older folk to hear from kids.

Facilitator: Mary Bennett

This will be part of the zoom coffee hour on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Just sign into the coffee hour and ask for Mystery Pal  breakout room.


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