Messy Church Potluck and Games

children seated around tables in a common hall eating dinner. A table full of craft materials sits at the back.

Sat, Nov 5, 2022 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Messy Church Potluck is the first Saturday of every month!

collage of images featuring soup, pasta, board game pieces, a dice, and a colorful paint-covered hand. The words "Messy Church" are superimposed on top.

Open to the entire UCV community, embracing multigenerational fun and connections over food.  Community potluck dinner is a time to check-in with yourself and each other, and turn to play.  Our youth provide childcare attention for the safety and inclusion of younger kids with Cardboard Kingdom creations and games.

Bring a favourite board or card game to play together after dinner!

For Potluck: Family Recipes (honouring our ancestors)  

November 6th is UCV’s Encountering Our Ancestors service. Let’s celebrate this time of year with food we might call a family recipe—and expand the meaning beyond secret recipes passed down through generations. After all, we don’t all come from uninterrupted traditions, and when you’re in a single parent household you learn to do a lot quickly with ready-made jars, cans, and boxes of food!

So, whether you have a dish you have to call a relative up to get, a dish you have created or adapted for your own use, or a favorite go-to snack or dessert that you love to buy ready-made—bring it on!


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