Mentorship for leadership

Sun, Oct 20, 2019 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Fireside Room

Are you ready for leadership?

Have you had an idea for an event or group but didn’t know where to start?

We can help guide you along the path.

Connect & Engage team will facilitate newish people who are interested in moving into leadership roles in the congregation especially people who are leading or want to lead events or small groups.

We are also looking for experienced leaders to act as mentors between sessions.

This will be the first of 3 sessions over the coming year.

Register here.

Workshop description

Vancouver Unitarians


(e.g. starting a new group) 

If you are taking on a leadership role at UCV, we invite you to attend a short workshop that will help you navigate our systems and make your groups and events go smoothly.

The Connect and Engage team will facilitate a workshop to help new group leaders. If desired, we will try to set new leaders up with an experienced mentor to support you informally following the workshop.

While there is much in the way of nuts and bolts about how to make things happen at UCV, we hope to also make time for you to get to know other leaders.

The Fall 2019 workshop is on Sunday, October 20 from 2:30 – 3:30 pm in the Fireside Room

We will respond to your questions around how to organize, advertise, facilitate and follow-up after a group or event.

The session will include:

How to start a group or event

  • committee sponsorship
  • committee/team/group directory – how to find a sponsor

Booking space

– through Marcus or online directly through MIDAS software system

How to advertise your event or group

  • order of service
  • events list and calendar on website
  • poster, flyers for bulletin board and insert in order of service
  • UCV Events list


  • ideas for advertising beyond our walls
  • social media
  • posters
  • networks

Types of small groups at UCV

  • Open, drop-in, closed and “at capacity” groups


  • questions around access, keys, security, kitchen use, etc.
  • off-site gatherings
  • audio-visual: computer projector
  • requesting room set up
  • returning room to normal
  • kitchen guidelines
  • recycling, compost, zero-waste goals

Peaceful co-existence

  • finding out what else is scheduled at the time of your event
  • showing consideration for renters etc. e.g. sharing kitchen; noise/music etc.

Budgeting and Donations

  • inviting and handling donations
  • guidelines: no one turned away for financial reasons
  • caretaker costs


  • eventbrite, Breeze, facebook, email – pro’s and con’s of each


If you have specific questions or concerns around any of these topics, please send to Mary at We will make sure to respond to your concerns in the workshop.


Mary Bennett and Sheila Resels

UCV Connect and Engage Team 

(subcommittee of the Membership Development Committee



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