Let Peace Be Their Memorial

Wed, Nov 11, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Let Peace Be Their Memorial

Through an annual wreath ceremony and white lapel poppy campaign Vancouver Peace Poppies hopes to encourage Canadians to broaden their Remembrance Day focus:

  • to include the civilians who now make up 90% of conflict victims
  • to challenge the beliefs, values and institutions that make war seem inevitable
  • to urge our government to promote and fund effective non-military means of dispute

Due to Covid19 restrictions we cannot hold our usual outdoor ceremony. Instead, we are presenting a special evening event including participatory singing with performances by local favorites Fraser Union, Jim Edmondson and Madeleine De Little; a selection of powerful,
thought-provoking, and sometimes humorous anti-war poetry.

Also featured will be a keynote talk by Dr. Kenneth Christie, Program Head of the  Human Security and Peacebuilding  graduate
programs at Royal Roads University: ‘How and why Human Security can provide the key to sustainable peace in the 21st

In a live broadcast from the sanctuary of the Vancouver Unitarian Centre six beautiful handmade wreaths will be laid for Refugees Fleeing Conflict; Children Killed, Injured or Orphaned by War; Women Raped and Victimized in Wartime; Environmental Devastation Caused by War; Indigenous Victims Of Genocide & Cultural Destruction; and finally a hopeful wreath ‘For Peace’.

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