Lammas (August Harvest) Ritual

Tue, Jul 31, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Multi-Purpose Room/Hitschmanova

Circle Dance and Ritual to Celebrate Lammas (the First Harvest)

We have a fun evening planned that will include digging up some potatoes for the “cakes and ale” following the ritual and circle dance.

We’ve actually found there’s a Peruvian circle dance called Huaylash that celebrates the potato harvest choreographed by Bobbi Bailin and look forward to sharing it with you.  Traditionally Lammas or “loaf-mass” celebrates the grain for bread. Because we have potatoes (but so far no one offering to make bread) and many of our group are gluten-intolerant we decided to focus on the potato harvest. Join us!

As usual, we’ll cast a circle, call in the four directions and reflect on and share our connection to harvest.

Coordinated by Mary Bennett and Mairy Beam, Vancouver Unitarians Earth Spirit Council

The Earth Spirit Council is an Earth-Centered Spirituality (aka pagan) group at UCV. We are a committee of the congregation, facilitating participatory experiences of connection through awareness and celebration of the rhythms of life on this earth.

We do not assume or require that participants have specific beliefs. Pagans are welcome. Unitarians are welcome; as are atheists and humanists. Everyone who affirms the 7 Seven Unitarian Principles and is looking for an experience of connection is welcome! The experience is the important part, not the idea of what you are connecting to or how that connection happens.

Our gatherings are open to all regardless of whatever your knowledge and connection is to Unitarianism or paganism. Come and let’s explore together.

Unitarians draw on six sources for our religion. The sixth source recognizes earth-centred spiritual traditions. These celebrations borrow from both neo-pagan and Unitarian traditions.

Any questions? Contact the coordinators: Mary Bennett and Mairy Beam

Read more about sacred circle dancing here.

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