General Meeting for all Members (EGM) via Zoom

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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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  • There is a maximum of 2 voting members (including proxy votes) allowed on a single device (computer, smartphone, tablet)
  • We strongly encourage 1 voting member per device
  • Each device will require a separate zoom link, so please register as individuals if you plan to use multiple devices

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Agenda items include:

  1. Opening remarks from Diane
  2. Introduction of Lara
  3. New Voting Rules to allow electronic voting
  4. Financial Update
    1. draft results from 2019/20 year-end
    2. budget for 2020/21
    3. plans for renovation of the lower floor of Hewett Centre for needed improvements.
  5. Upgrades to the sanctuary
    1. lighting and sound
    2. discussion to begin on replacing pews with chairs at a forum, then AGM
  6. Report on Bequests & Gifts
  7. Report from the Transition Team
  8. Emergency Response Team Report
  9. Update on the Redevelopment Plans
  10. Communications Update



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