Easter Day Blossom Walk

Sun, Apr 9, 2023 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Hardy Blossom Watchers! Bring umbrellas. We’ll try again after church. Gather in the Hall. Drink something warm. Eat your lunch or a snack. After a short ceremony of thanks to the Staff for a year of stellar support for IPA at12:30, we’ll head out into whatever-the-weather to Tisdale Park to commune with all new life wishing for warmth and the sun’s blessing.

Brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood IPA (IBPOC plus Allies) Team.


Winter’s chill is fading

Blossom petals on the wind

Carry hopes and dreams


Cherry blossoms fall

Bright in sunlight snowflake soft

Symphony of light


Cherry blossoms in 2023

Anxiously waiting to bloom

April Fool’s Day


*Haikus written last week at our first Second Annual Cherry Blossom gathering.


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