Circle dance with earth spirit ritual – Earth My Body

Tue, Jul 30, 2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Main Hall

For our first summertime Earth Spirit ritual with circle dance, we are inspired by the chant: Earth My Body.

Mairy and Mary are offering a summertime circle dance combined with pagan ritual on the last Tuesday of July and August. For the July gathering, we will honour the earth and our bodies and the connection between them. Summer is a time of pilgrimage, when we take our bodies out over the earth – whether far away or close to home and we’ll hear some of your stories of pilgrimage

We will dance Tread Gently on the Earth and Pilgrim’s Dance (two of the link-up dances for World Circle Dance Day 2019.)

If you’d like to bring something for our altar inspired by earth/body/north/green/brown/stone/bone/wood  – please do!
As always if you find you can bring a snack or beverage to share or help set up or clean up, please do lend a hand.
We’ll also set up a giveaway table at these gatherings. Bring anything you’re willing to pass along to others. Items not taken can be donated to our refugee committee or taken home with the person who brought them.
We will start out with casting a circle, calling in the four directions and honouring the divine masculine and feminine. We’ll use a combination of readings, lighting candles and dances that correspond to this sequence.
In the middle we will do some more circle dancing related to the season and some earth-centred activity (planting, harvesting, making) and then end the evening with devocations and a closing dance/chant.
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