Earth Spirit Circle Monthly Gathering – Dark Moon Ritual

Tue, Nov 6, 2018 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Multi-Purpose Room/Hitschmanova

Wendy and Mary will coordinate the circle for November. As we meet on the day before the new moon, we’ll focus on the moon cycles and especially the “dark moon”.

All welcome. RSVP appreciated to

We’re pleased to announce that the Earth Spirit Council (previously Paganism Committee) has been revitalized and Vancouver Unitarians will again host a monthly earth spirit circle to celebrate the turning of the seasons and honour our own life forces.

We will meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 6-7pm. All welcome.

Leadership and other roles rotate. If you become a regular, you will be part of the team who organize, set up, cleanup etc.

Each session will have two leaders (at least one will be a Vancouver Unitarian member) responsible for planning, publicizing, conducting the ritual as well as safety and security.

When possible we will conduct rituals outdoors and will have a place to meet if the weather doesn’t permit this. Check for updates online or just check the event list outside Hewett Hall when you arrive.

Each session will include

  • an opening; casting a circle, calling directions and invoking inner feminine and masculine
  • a ritual or activity: which might be anything from song and/or dance or an earth-based activity (planting, harvesting) or an arts-based activity such as making a magickal tool (such as a wand).
  • a short time for announcements and planning
  • a closing: releasing directions and masculine/feminine energies and opening the circle.
  • There will usually (not not necessarily) be one or more sacred circle dances as part of the ritual. It will be the leaders’ choice of what to include

We will plan to open the circle by 6:55 at the latest, as several participants will be leaving to go to a different event that starts at 7 pm. Others are welcome to hang around and visit.

Questions? contact the organizers at:

We’re on facebook. Search for UnitarianEarthSpirit

For regular participants, we have a googlegroup we use for planning and collaboration. After you attend, you are invited to join if you wish.




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