Circle Dance with JES – Live Music!

Sat, Mar 30, 2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Main Hall

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is here! Come celebrate with Circle Dance to the live music of JES on March 30.

There are two spaces still available as of March 29. You must prereigster with Mary.

Abundance will surround us! The music will fill us with joy; the rhythmic movement will energize us; and the tastes and aromas from the garden outside will nourish our inner soul gardens to come ALIVE. What will be growing in your garden physically and metaphorically this spring?

Gaia’s garden, Mother Earth, is wild and free and yet we can stake out a territory and domesticate it to enjoy as a personal expression or to feed ourselves. All is growing and expanding: We will have just passed the spring equinox when the garden outside should be growing and our inner soul garden will be growing too.

With live music, there is always room for the trickster, for the contrary Marys, to cajole us into thinking in new ways, to branch out in unexpected ways.

JES TrioJane Slemon, Ellen van der Hoeven, and Susan Larkin–plays for us live and in person.
JES Trio offers a tight braid of voices backed by a tapestry of instruments.

Dances are facilitated by Mairy Beam, Mary Bennett, Darlene Rainbow and Frances Rose.

Come and celebrate Spring!

Must pre-register. Space limited. $35

Volunteers needed to help organize, set up and clean up the snacks and dance space. Registration fee reduced for volunteers.

Email to confirm if you want to attend. 

JES is Jane Slemon, Ellen van der Hoeven, and Susan Larkin. A tight braid of voices backed by a tapestry of instruments, the members of this musical friendship often can’t help but get themselves mixed up with one another. JES brings a diverse repertoire that includes Celtic, folk roots, and original songs. To contact them email

CDs from the members of JES Trio will be available for purchase.

How to pay the registration fee and reserve your spot

As there are two spots still available, you can commit to Mary and bring cash with you.


Lots of Canadian content including original tunes by JES and Connie Kaldor, Ian Hamblyn and David Francey.

Here’s the playlist; although things may change–see trickster comment above. But it’ll give you a flavour of the music we’ll be enjoying and tapping our toes — and moving our legs and arms and bodies to.
Title Composer From
Banish Misfortune Jig Traditional
Fields of Gold Sting England
Follow the Heron Karine Polwart Edinburgh
Garden Song Hagen Mitchell Vancouver
Go Girl Go Jane Slemon Vancouver
God Bless the Grass Malvina Reynolds US
Providence Ferry Jack Gladstone Montana
Red Winged Blackbird David Francey Canada
Rescuing the Roses Ellen van der Hoeven Vancouver
River, Mother Nature and Me Jenny Lester BC/Canada
Sheebeg and Sheemore Traditional Irish Irish
Sinners and Saints David Francey Canada
She Changes Everything She Touches Starhawk US
Wood River Connie Kaldor Canada
Woodsmoke and Oranges Ian Tamblyn Quebec


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