Candidating Week with Rev. Shawn Gauthier

Sun, Apr 23, 2023 - Sun, Apr 30, 2023 All Day

Candidating Week at UCV is April 23 to 30th (see below for full schedule of meetings and events)

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet our Candidate for Settled Ministry, and to have conversations in various contexts. Guided by our Covenant, please enjoy and engage with each other and Rev Shawn, exercising curiousity, active listening, and the expression of concerns, hopes and dreams! Some events are online and some events are live on campus to maximize accessibility. We invite you all to be a part of these important conversations about our future, and to do so with open hearts and minds. This is our time, UCV, so let’s come together and celebrate, share, and commune as the multi-faceted and deeply committed community that we are.

The Ministerial Search Committee are energized and excited by Rev. Gauthier’s approach to ministry and worship, and by his deep roots in Unitarian Universalism. He is a gifted speaker with intellectual depth and a great deal of emotional and spiritual intelligence. He is known for being collegial, giving inspiring and uplifting sermons, and working well across all areas of church life. He is also dedicated to social justice, and is warm and approachable with his pastoral care.  

It is our belief that Rev. Shawn Gauthier exemplifies the qualities that our congregation is looking for in a new Settled Minister. 

We look forward to welcoming Rev. Shawn to our campus for Candidating Week, between Apr 23, 2023 and Apr 30, 2023. 


Schedule of Events 

Saturday, April 22:

  • Off campus dinner with Ministerial Search Committee, Board of Trustees and families (5:00p.m.)


Sunday, April 23:

  • 11am: Worship Service in the Sanctuary (more info)
  • Noon: Luncheon in Hewett (more info)
  • 12:45pm-1:30pm: Q&A in Hewett Centre
  • 1:45pm-2:25pm: Time with Youth Group in Hitch
  • 2:30pm: Choir Concert in Sanctuary *tickets still available for the concert! (more info)


Monday, April 24:

  • 11am: Meeting with Office Coordinator
  • Noon: Meeting with Director of Administration
  • 1p.m: Meeting with Membership Outreach Coordinator
  • 4pm: Meeting with Past Presidents of the Board in Family Room
  • 7pm: Meeting with the Board of Trustees


Tuesday, April 25:

  • Noon: Meeting with Director of Lifespan Faith Development
  • 1pm: Worship planning
  • 2pm: In-depth tour of UCV with Buildings and Grounds
  • 4pm: Tea with Shawn online (Join at this link)
  • 7pm: UCV in the Wider World – Conversation on Social Justice and Denominational Outreach in Hewett Centre (in-person event and multi-platform for accessibility. Livestream will be available at


Wednesday, April 26:

  • 10am: Staff Meeting
  • 11am: Meeting with bookkeeper
  • Noon: Lunch and meeting with Music Leaders
  • 2pm: Meeting with Refugee committee leaders
  • 4pm: Tea with Shawn in Hewett Centre (more info)
  • 7pm: Meaning Making – Conversation on Worship, Music, Theology, and Ritual in Hewett Centre (in-person event and multi-platform for accessibility. Livestream will be available at


Thursday, April 27:

  • 4pm: Tea with Shawn online (Join at this link)
  • 6pm: Dinner with Youngerish Group in Fireside Room
  • 7pm: Learning and Growing – Conversation on Religious Education and Faith Formation in Hewett Centre (in-person event and multi-platform for accessibility. Livestream will be available at


Friday, April 28: Day Off


Saturday, April 29:

  • 4pm: Tea with Shawn in Family Room at UCV 
  • 5pm: Messy Church / Cultural Connections Family Coffeehouse in Hewett Centre (more info)


Sunday, April 30:

  • 11am: Worship Service in the Sanctuary (more info)
  • Noon: Lunch and Coffee in Hewett Centre – hosted by and fundraising for UCV Youth
  • 12:30pm: Congregational Meeting and Vote (Members only) in-person at UCV and online. Note: Proxy voting forms is available for members who cannot attend – fill out the form here.


*If you are unable to attend an in-person or online event during Candidating week due to mobility, technology, or other issues, but would like to arrange an opportunity to speak with Rev. Shawn Gauthier during Candidating Week, please call the office at 604-261-7204. 


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