Book Launch: A memoir by Michael Clague

Sun, Oct 2, 2022 12:45 pm - 2:00 pm

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Sunday, October 2, 12:45 – 2 pm in the Sanctuary (at 949 W. 49th Ave. – at Oak St)

So, How Have I Been Doing At Being Who I Am?
A memoir by Michael Clague

This is the personal and work story of Michael Clague, a community work practitioner almost from birth, 82 years ago. It is a story set within the optimism of the mid-twentieth century, a period following World War Two that provided the opportunity to say, “never again; that we can make the world a better place.” True, it was played out against the Cold War and the spectre of nuclear Armageddon, but, spurred on by the baby-boom’s youth revolution, challenges were made to every facet of society: the peace movement, civil rights, human rights, women’s rights, sexuality, an awakening to the presence in our society of long-neglected people; those marginalized by disability, race, class and income, and gender. Religions and established social institutions struggled to adapt. The possibility of change was exhilarating. Public policies and programs in Canada made substantial advances by governments of all stripes. And then they were confronted by the ideology of neo-conservatism. Activism went on the defensive. Community work has been re-grouping ever since.

This is a reflective piece as the writer, a regular middle class Canadian of the time, describes his personal and work journeys and how one informs the other. It tells of his continuing quest for  self-awareness and self-understanding in order to engage and contribute to society. The reader is invited along and in so doing, invited to reflect on their own quest; “What, dear reader, does this suggest about your own journey?”

Launch proceeds to UCV environment and social justice projects

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