Forum – Big Decisions Ahead: How Do We Make Better Decisions at UCV?

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Sun, Jan 8, 2023 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Fireside Room

Join us in person or on Zoom for this important forum! Supporting documentation (checklists) can be downloaded Here. There will be physical copies available at the forum itself.

Big decisions are ahead for UCV:

  • A new minister
  • What do we call ourselves
  • How we govern ourselves
  • UUA article 2 revisions.

How do we make good decisions?

The Decision-Making Task Force submitted its report in June 2022 about its examination of UCV’s four-year redevelopment exploration process (2016-2020). The lessons gleaned from this examination are presented in five key checklists that we believe are durable for future decisions:

  • Trust
  • Leadership and the Planning Process
  • Engagement and Buy-in
  • Democratic Process
  • Healthy Relations

We invite all to come to this forum (in person in the Fireside Room or on Zoom) to learn more about how we can be more respectful, effective and efficient in making the important decisions that lie ahead.


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