Annual Women’s Gathering – Potluck, Circle Dance, Rune Divination, Collage

Sun, Jan 13, 2019 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Main Hall

Once a year women in the congregation and their friends take over many of the rooms at the Unitarian Centre to offer a variety of activities, fabulous food and lots of great conversations. A great way to move past December holiday making and into a new year. As well as a potluck feast (last year 50 women came), there are drop-in spaces for rune divination, soul collage(r) making to contemplate the coming year and a “swap meet” space to leave behind pre-loved items that you are moving on from. Circle dancing from 7pm on. Everything is optional


Coordinator: Mary Bennett 

Many volunteers are needed to help make this event a success. So far these folk have offered:

  • Mairy Beam – circle dance
  • Margo Elfert – food coordination
  • Jodie Miller – rune workshop and drop-in divination in Meditation room after dinner
  • Coral Heron and Laurie Damer – collage workshop and drop-in collage-making in Lindsey-Priestley after dinner
  • Jeannie Corsi – takes phone calls to ensure registration
  • Coordinator for Swap meet table /Refugee committee liaison – Kinga

Please phone Jeannie 604-224-1040 saying:

Your name and email, phone (if not in UCV directory)

What you will bring to potluck

Which events you will attend: circle dance? gathering for women’s groups?

PRE-REGISTRATION: the afternoon workshops are now full

Can you help? Still needed:

  • Coordinator/s for Welcoming/registration/name tags
  • Coordinator for Hall Decoration

The event will include workshops, collage making, circle dancing, clothes and items swap (Mathom mashup) and a wonderful potluck feast.

1:30-3:30 and 3:30-5:30 pm – workshops –FULL– Norse Rune making and SoulCollage(R) workshop

4- 5 pm – Decorating; setting up collage and other centres. – HELP NEEDED

5 – 5:30 pm – Setting up for dinner, putting dishes out etc. -Margo has a team

5:30 – 7 pm – Hall/alcove: Potluck feast – blessing and welcome 5:45 and entrees served at 6 pm. Dessert served  @ 6:30 pm

It’s helpful for the organizers if you sign up for what you are bringing for the potluck.

6:30-7 pm – Fireside Room Conversation for those in or interested in being in a women’s group. Contact Jeannie if you’d like to be on a list when a new women’s group is formed. (Bring your dessert in for a facilitated conversation)

7:30 – 8:30 pm – Women’s March discussion and poster making


Meditation room – Divination – Select a rune to consider a theme for the coming year.

Lindsey-Priestley – Collage Party Drop-in – collage materials will be set out and available for you to create a “vision board” for the coming year and/or a reflection of the year past. There will be lots of materials, but feel free to bring along some items to put on your own collage – photos, word, grocery lists (!) whatever!

Biddle Board Room – “Mathom” Mashup (Hobbit word for something valuable but no longer needed) – bring items you’re ready to let go of. Scarves, jewelry, books, circle dance skirts are always popular. Everyone who brings an item can choose one to take home. Any items left are donated to the Refugee table.

Hall –Circle dancing

7 – 9 pm – when the conversations (and furniture) move to other spaces after dinner. (Mairy Beam coordinating)


9 pm – Cleanup crew! Can you stay and help? Our commitment is to return the site to how it was when we found it.

Stay tuned for more details! Or ask Jeannie by phone or Mary by email


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