Drumming with Aline LaFlamme — More, Please!

Drumming with Aline LaFlamme

  • by Mary Bennett

As part of our annual Women’s Gathering, Aline LaFlamme led a drumming workshop.

We learned three songs: Four Directions; Strong Woman and Gratitude songs. I, for one, hope to get a chance to sing and drum to these songs again. Like several other women in the workshop, I’d brought a drum I’d bought some years ago and very rarely used. Now it’s out, it wants to come out and play more often. We were told that all three songs are public songs and we are invited to sing and drum them any time.

The workshop was from 1 to 4 pm and Aline came back to join in the potluck dinner and also lead an opening round dance when we started the circle dance part of the evening.

7 Natural Ways of Healing

Aline tells us there are seven natural ways of healing that we can all use any time to help ourselves: talking, crying, screaming, singing, laughing, shaking and.. dancing!  Let it be a dance!

Aline and her group Daughters of the Drum led the recent March On – Vancouver march on January 20. She welcomed all to join her and the group at the start of the march.

Margo Elfert and Tamiko Suzuki of UCV are members of Aline’s group and would enjoy having other Unitarians join the march with them. The group includes both aboriginal and settler members.

Margo is exploring with Aline the idea of a monthly drum circle at UCV. Contact Margo if you’d be interested in joining in.

Here are youtube links for two of the songs we learned.

Strong Woman Song


The Strong Woman Song is performed by Raven Hart-Bellecourt and Lisa Muswagon.

Lakota 4 directions Song


I couldn’t find a link for the Gratitude Song.

You can see Tamiko and Margo here at the recent March On – Vancouver event with the Daughters of the Drum.


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