CUC Virtual Fall Gathering 18-20 Nov 2022

CUC Virtual Fall Gathering
18-20 Nov 2022 (Fri 7 pm, Sat 930 am)

Theme: Join the national Unitarian Universalist community (the CUC) as we share a weekend online exploring the topic “Living Into Covenant.”
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8th Principle 1 Year Later: CUC Leaders’ Roundtable,
26 Nov 2022 (Sat 9 am)

Join CUC as Canadian Unitarian Universalist (UU) groups share their challenges and successes removing barriers to full inclusion for all peoples. We will look ahead to the coming year and consider how we move forward.
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UUA Article 2 Study Commission: Background Reading

Background on UUA’s proposals to change the principles and sources. Why is this being considered? What would a new set of guiding documents look like? How would this affect Canadian UU congregations? Start with this link and follow the other links imbedded there — or visit the UUA website and study the resources there.
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Early in 2023, UCV and CUC will likely host some face to face and online discussions of these proposals, the reasons for them, and alternatives being considered. There’s lots to read!


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