Continuing the conversation on the 8th Principle: A message from UCV President Diane Brown

The Board is continuing our consultation process with the membership, which has so far spanned six months, by offering another Forum on the New Org Design Sunday Oct 24 at 12:30 by Zoom. Just go to and you will find Board members and New Org Design Task Force members on hand discussing many aspects of the how’s and why’s of this new structure and how it continues to evolve. Your questions and comments are welcome.

Also, the UCV Board of Trustees would like to invite each and every committee to please host conversations within your groups on the proposed 8th Principle. We recommend that you and your committee members first read the Dismantling Racism Study Group final report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions 94 Calls to Action, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People prior to holding your committee conversations. We ask that someone take summary notes of the committees thoughts, and submit those notes to Galen Elfert ([email protected]) by Oct. 18, 2021 so that these can be compiled and sent along to the CUC by their deadline, and sent to our UCV Delegates who will be attending the CUC meeting on Nov. 27 regarding the 8th Principle.

As always, email [email protected] if you have any questions.


8th Principle Meetings – Guiding questions for group discussions 


FOCUS: The heart of the proposed principle is dismantling racism; these forums should not focus on wordsmithing.

Read aloud the Responsibility Covenant.

Opening reflection questions; when are you at your ‘best self’?

What does accountability mean to you?

What is contributing to your hesitation / discomfort?

What will it mean/look like for your congregation to accountably dismantle racism?

What is affirming about the 8th Principle?

What are your IBPOC membership and young people saying to you about the 8th Principle and what it means to them?


If you are white, have you been listening to what IBPOC and young people have been saying locally and nationally about the 8th Principle and what it means to them? Please do not put any IBPOC that may be in your meetings on the spot by asking them to justify the 8th Principle – this is for you to reflect on.