Building Community

Our Community meets in small groups and large.

Our active community offers a variety of interesting opportunities to meet people, share an interest, or to make a difference in the community.

Every Sunday people gather after the service in Hewett Centre for conversation. A lunch is usually available by donation.

As well, we coordinate several dinner opportunities each month varying in style–“Hygge” (cosy) dinners, usually in members’ homes for groups of eight to ten or at the church usually 20-25 people; Messy Church–all welcome, kid-friendly for busy families of all sizes and shapes and Movable Feast–a dinner out in a restaurant.

Joining a small group, whether a covenant group to share thoughts and feelings about big issues, or the beverage serving team, to make tea and coffee and serve on Sundays, is a great way to get to know a few others in our busy congregation. We’re recently set up neighbourhood groups to facilitate connections among Unitarians who live near each other.

You’ll find a lot of information about the teams who make the our congregation go round here and all of the upcoming events here.