Collage group

Come and enjoy playing with cut and paste

This is an opportunity for women to gather for creative play and self-exploration using collage. We work quietly at our own pace.

Scissors, glue sticks, paper and images all available – but bring your own if you wish.

Calendars are especially lovely. Any magazines you bring should be taken away or recycled, or have images and words clipped for others. (We have limited storage space).

Please RSVP to Mary

Supported by UCV’s Arts Committee.

More about collage:


collage (n.)

form of abstract art in which photos, newspaper clippings, found objects, etc., are glued onto a surface, 1919 (Wyndham Lewis), from French collage “a pasting,” from Old French coller “to glue,” from Greek kolla “glue,” a word of uncertain origin, perhaps Pre-Greek.

Some formats and approaches

SoulCollage(R) is a method for creating images on a 5″ x 8″ surface.

Artist Trading Cards are traded among people and are 2.5 x 3.5

Art Journal Collages

(Just google any of these phrases or “collage fine art” to find interesting information. You’ll find myriad videos on youtube as well.)

If you’d like to be part of a women’s group that shares the coordination of these gatherings on a monthly basis contact Mary

Leadership rotates: When it’s your turn, you come early and stay late to set-up and cleanup; send out a reminder to the group. Optional: If you want to propose a theme or a special project you can, or just have a “do your own thing” session.

Westside Women’s Collage Group

Unitarian women (and friends) who live on the Westside (Kitsilano, Point Grey etc) have formed a collage and art  group. Mary Bennett will facilitate in her housing co-op’s meeting space.

If you’d like to be on a wait list if the group opens, complete this form.

Mary provides materials for collage. You are also invited to bring other art work or crafts to work on.
Here’s some info you may find interesting:


If you’re interested in SoulCollage®, you can find some videos on youtube to provide an introduction.

This is a nice four-minute introductory video.

This one is a good how-to Step by Step video

This shows how to use the viewfinder, marking the points of the corners for cutting.

Among the final embellishments which are often not done, there’s a suggestion to outline the edges of the pasted on images with a metallic paint sharpie.

It’s only visual. There’s (imho) annoying loud music, so just turn off the audio.


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