Canadian Colours Art Show with Judy Villett

On Wednesday, November 29th, Mary Bennett from UCV is organizing a guided tour with Judy Villett. To start, meet at Judy’s studio at 100 Braid Street at 1:00 pm. The tour will continue at Place Des Arts at 2:00 pm. The tour will conclude with refreshments at a local café. Please join us!

Canadian Colours Textile Art Show

Judy Villett, Unitarian

Being born in Canada has always felt like a great blessing. I want to share my passion for this country through my textile art. I was 15 when the Union Jack flag was changed to the Maple Leaf. The clean, simple, graphic lines of the Canadian flag have become my framework forthe changing seasons, landscapes, politics and demographics of Canada.
I use very basic piecing techniques with a complex design process, assembling commercially printed fabrics, often cutting them to 2” squares and placing them on a design wall where I can study the value, colour and line before sewing them together. I use a domestic sewing machine to quilt three layers, adding texture and cohesion to the fabric design. One piece has words quilted into the free-motion design that emphasis my positive feelings about Canada, especially strong after living and travelling abroad.
Another, darker flag expresses my fears of government secrecy, repression, and isolation.
With gratitude for those who welcomed us here and helped us survive, and a hand open to welcome newcomers, my hope is to warm your heart with my love of this land. Help me celebrate the last 150 years of growth of this giant young country.

Judy Villet

The Canadian Colours exhibit runs until December 22nd in Place Des Arts community centre at 1120 Brunette Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 1G2. Due to classes and activities the hours are erratic: Monday,Wednesday, Thursday 9–2:30; Tuesday 12:30–2:30; Friday 9–9; Saturday 3:30–5; and Sunday 1–5.
Photo: Jane Shoemaker (left) visited Judy Villet’s art show, “Canadian Colours” on opening night. Michael Scales and Judy Villet at right.



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