Board Meeting Observer Guidelines

Attending UCV board meetings as an observer

Here are some guidelines which are intended to offer clarity to observers and guests and to support the board in effective governance.

Our board wants to encourage transparency and inclusion while maintaining focus on the governance and strategic priorities of the board. We want to create safe conditions in which board members can speak freely and work effectively.

  1. Please confirm in advance to [email protected] (Mary Bennett, Board President) [email protected] (Lynn Armstrong, Board Secretary). If there’s a particular topic or time you’re interested in please let us know. We post dates of our meetings at
  2. All observers (as well as board members) commit to keeping what they hear confidential.  Only a board designate is permitted to record the session. All are welcome to take notes. 
  3. On zoom, observers keep their cameras and mics turned off. Guests turn on their video and mic when they are presenting. It’s helpful if you rename to put an O- in front of your name and ensure your real name is on your zoom profile. We usually have Tech Support who can assist.
  4. Whether on zoom or in person, if an observer’s behaviour disrupts the meeting, they’ll be asked to leave. 
  5. On occasion the board deals with confidential material and go “in camera” – i.e. private. Observers and guests will be asked to leave at that time.  
  6. We encourage members who are engaged in conflict with one or more board members to find direct ways to resolve issues outside of board meetings.  

Please feel free to contact the Board president or secretary if you have any questions about these guidelines.

Names and brief bios of all board members can be found here: