Aw, Canada! Canada Day 2020 – with UCV’s Patrick Dubois

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Canada Day 2020…

2020 Jul 1st Wednesday Click for UCV’s Patrick Dubois’ Musical Tribute for Canada Day 2020!

But alas! Canada Day still has the taint of past and current colonial injustices. What can we, as Canadian Unitarians, do to help make Canada Day a time of celebration for all people living in Canada and not just a settler’s celebration?

Here are some thoughts from one of our indigenous leaders:

“Speaking to CTV News Channel Wednesday, (1 Jul 2020) National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Perry Bellegarde admits that Canada has a long way to go in achieving equality for Indigenous peoples, but urged the community to embrace a positive message of hope. “There is a huge divide that must be closed, and we can only close that divide… by working together and have kindness and love and respect for each other as human beings,” he said.“We need more and more First Nations people around decision making tables… once you get more people around those decision-making tables we see ourselves in the system and that will lead to better legislation and better policy moving forward.”

Up next is a post about possibilities for next year, 2021, to continue the long process of addressing our colonial injustices.



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