Art: Wilderness in Pastel

Pastel art pieces by Teresa Morton are on the back wall of the sanctuary.
All three pieces are titled ‘wilderness’ since they were inspired by a 2019 trip to Wilderness, the Unitarian camp on Kootenay Lake.
The first picture celebrates Fry Creek as it tumbles and roars its way down from the peaks.
Wilderness 2 captures a quiet moment on the beach; all the canoes and boards are at rest.
The third piece salutes the daily march of summer clouds from the West to the mountains.
On a technical note, the series uses chalk pastel on sandpaper. I love the way the sandpaper allows me to blend softly or to leave crisp edges.
A member of UCV for several decades, I am now a member of Beacon Unitarian Church that – excepting COVID – meets near my New Westminster home.
Teresa Morton


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