Aline LaFlamme Leads Drumming Workshop for Women – Must preregister.

Aline LaFlamme has become something of a regular around Unitarian circles. Her next gathering is a drumming workshop for women on January 6. Preregistration required. Suggested donation $25 to Women’s Retreat Fund.

This is part of our annual women’s gathering that goes on till 9pm with potluck feast, regifting, collage party, tarot cards and circle dancing. Child care available 12:30 – 5:30 pm.

She is a Sun Dancer, pipe carrier, drummer, and Metis grandmother, teaches traditional Aboriginal culture such as on-the-land healing retreats including the sweat lodge.

Aline understands our human need to be spiritually and emotionally more connected with the Earth. In her forum on Connection with Mother Earth, she focused on how we can re-awaken our deep connection with Mother Earth and all things in creation.

Aline La Flamme and Daughters of the Drum

Our members, Tamiko and Margo are members of this group.

Aline La Flamme reading at Poetic Justice.


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