Advance Theatre : New Works by Diverse Women

An invitation from member Diane Brown, Artistic Director of Ruby Slippers Theatre

I invite you to attend Advance Theatre : New Works by Diverse Women this fall at The Fringe.

Jumping Ship – Monday, September 11

Written by Marcia Johnson, directed by Marisa Emma Smith

The year is 1904. Scottish sailor, Jamey Dunbar, meets young entrepreneur, Audrey Williams on a beach in Jamaica. Their lives change forever. This is a love story inspired by the playwright’s great-grandparents.

Go, No, Go – Tuesday, September 12

Written by Natalie Frijia, directed by Leanna Brodie

Go, No, Go is the story of 13 barrier-breaking pilots who in 1961 petitioned NASA to become the first female astronauts. And it’s about why you don’t know their names. Welcome to the space race.

Hidden Memories – Wednesday, September 13

Written by Lillian Nakamura Maguire, directed by Donna Yamamoto

The daughter of Japanese immigrants sifts through her parents’ memorabilia, piecing together their early B.C life and forced relocation. She tries to find peace with her parents’ choices during times of racial discrimination, her own identity and what she passes on to her daughter. National Association of Japanese Canadians Endowment Fund support.

Sex, Drugs and Age: The Last Taboo – Thursday, September 14

Written by Colleen Ann Fee, directed by Tammy Bentz

Age is our last social taboo, we fight its effects. In 2010, sales of Viagra reached $2 trillion, and every 57 seconds a new case of dementia is diagnosed. Our libido may outlive our ability to grant sexual consent. Sex, Drugs and Age: The Last Taboo considers the hazards of determining consent in the context of dementia and drugs. 

Happy Place – Friday, September 15

Written by Pamela Mala Sinha, directed by Fay Nass

“Broken women determined to die helping each other live.” Happy Place takes place in an inpatient care facility for women suffering from depression. With insight, raw truth and sometimes humour, these seven women force each other to look at themselves in a way they never could “outside”- finding compassion, even love, where they least expect it.

The readings will take place at the gym in the False Creek Community Centre, 1318 Cartwright Street, at 1:30 pm sharp by donation at the door. There will be free talk-backs after the readings.



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