Are you looking for ways to make climate-friendly behaviours easy and convenient, designed to add meaning and connection to your life?

A forum was presented on March 3, 2019 by Catherine Hembling and Enviro Team members to examine the uplifting, brilliant and paradigm shifting approach taken by Per Espen Stoknes, a psychologist with a PhD in Economics, Ted Talk global speaker, Parliamentarian, clean-tech entrepeneur, award winning author and the director of Centre for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School.

The videos and study questions presented at this forum are available on this page.


Summary of his Argument:

  1. Rational facts are insufficient to create lasting engagement. They trigger defences in many people.
  2. Humans will act for the long term when conducive conditions are in place: they are SOCIAL NORMS, SUPPORTIVE FRAMES, SIMPLE ACTIONS, STORIES AND SIGNALS.
  3. Individual actions do not solve climate problems but they do build bottom up support for structural change.

Study questions:

  • What prompts your interest in this subject?
  • What is your first (gut) reaction to the video(s)? And after that?
  • What are your hopes about climate-changing behaviours?
  • What other information would you need to move forward?

References for moving forward: