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Unitarian Universalists have included as one of their seven guiding principles: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” This principle directs us to act for the environment, and on behalf of all other living creatures. The Humanist view puts responsibility and accountability purely on humanity for correcting the plight of the world and its creatures, not trusting in a supernatural force to intervene and save us. We can, so we must. We are doers.

-Rev. Lara Cowtan  Eco-Spirituality sermon 





Vancouver Unitarians join thousands at Global Climate strike, Sept 27, 2019



Green Fund

Our Green Fund provides funding for innovative projects which carry out our environmental sustainability mission through worship, ethical action, education and artistic expression. Most of the funds raised by Environment Committee fundraising events are contributed to the Green Fund and have helped finance ‘Greening of the Church’ to reduce our carbon footprint as well as bring in speakers to our many fundraisers, film screenings, and educational events. 

Unitarians have cared about  environmental issues for a long time. For example, we set up recycling, composting and community vegetable gardens at the church long before it was a mainstream concept! Many older members remember when recycling cans and paper was considered ‘weird’!

For six years, we organized the Oak Street Farmers market on the church’s grounds, the first all-organic farmers market in Vancouver.

Recent Activities
Wild Salmon  The fight against Fish Farms Continues
Rallies and Marches Vancouver Unitarians Join Sept 27 Global Climate Strike
Fundraisers: lunches, film screenings, and more!
Intergenerational Gatherings Intergenerational Dinner 2019Intergen Activists Gathering. What Is This??
Green New Deal GNDTown Hall a success!
Our Team

We meet once a month (Third Sunday, 12:30pm, Biddle Room) to share information and coordinate actions. You are welcome to drop in, meet some of the members, and get a feel for the topics are being addressed.  Questions? Contact  Outreach Coordinator


We believe in education so we bring in guest speakers to the first Sunday forum of each month. Some topics covered recently: fish farms, youth activism, LNG and fracking, climate change, alternative energy, First Nations issues, mining issues, and the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. speakers and topics we host.

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Fundraising Lunches

If you like cooking and hanging out in the kitchen, we’d love to meet you! We put on several organic, vegan / vegetarian lunches a year for our Green Fund. By serving these meals, we want to show that eating low on the food chain is not only good for the planet, but do-able and delicious! Working together in the kitchen is also a great way to get to know people on the committee and get the scoop on the latest issues!


Here is a list of groups and organizations we have supported, co-sponsored or collaborated with (or have commitments for future events).