Action Evenings

Something new at UCV! 

On Wednesday evenings 7-8pm via Zoom, we’ll reflect together on significant issues of our times. Topics are curated and prepared in advance with videos, speakers, slideshows, and discussion points. This meeting offers a chance for shared learning, thoughtful dialogue, and the potential for collaboration for taking action.

All members and friends of UCV are welcome!


How to Join and What to Expect

Log in to our Zoom room early from 6:45pm on Wednesday evenings as we’ll be starting right at 7. 

After 8, you are welcome to stay for a while to chat about the topic and exchange ideas for action.

You are not required to have any prior knowledge of the topic. 


Schedule of Topics: 

Sep 9 – What’s this about tree sitters?

Sep 16 – Moving from food charity to food dignity

Sept 23 – Evolving Pathways of Non Violence

Sept 30 – Reconciliation is a Massive Failure

Oct 7 – Wild Salmon

Oct 14 – Roberts Bank Terminal 2

Nov 18 – All Genders Welcome

Dec 9 – Write for Rights

Dec 16 – Zero Waste Holidays

Further topics each Wednesday evening.

Would you like to help plan an Action Evening? Do you have an idea for an upcoming topic? Please let us know by filling out the form below.



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