Abundance in the Vegetable Gardens

Those of us who tend a veggie plot on the north side of Hewett Hall are enjoying the produce–and enjoying sharing the abundance with others.

Two of our young families took over a plot (38″ square). Here are Jeonga, Goan and Haram with their first vegetable garden. They’re amazed at what’s come up including the tomato plant they didn’t plant! I love introducing people to gardening.

Photos: Mary Bennett with Goan and Haram in front of their plot.

Jeonga, Goan and Haram all pointing to their favorite vegetable

There is (at least) one more plot available for one of our families. Just send me a note or approach me on Sunday about it if your family would like to garden at UCV. It’s not too late to plant spinach–and some plants bought as starters!

You can do it–we can help.

  • Mary Bennett



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