Kiersten Moore

Kiersten Moore: Director of Children’s and Youth Religious Exploration

The work of exploring religion with children and youth snuck up on Kiersten unawares in the spring of 2016. She has since been delighted to discover a passion for Family Ministry and has enjoyed getting to know the children and parents who attend the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

Kiersten’s early childhood was spent in the Baha’i faith which gave her a very strong sense of mystery, spirituality, and connection between the ideas of science and religion. When she was eleven years old she started attending First Universalist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her mother and younger brother. Since then, Kiersten has always sought out Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships everywhere she has lived, which includes Iowa, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Kentucky. Kiersten moved to the Vancouver area with her family from Kentucky in 2014 and has been a member of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver since the fall of 2015.

Kiersten brings a rich experience of many Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist churches to her work here in Vancouver. She strives to find the Fun with Meaning and directs our children, youth, and family programs with a focus on building community, exploring what it means to be Unitarian, questioning, and developing personal relationships with stillness and wonder.

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Smiles Build Community

Youth Coordinator: Olivia Hall

Lead Facilitator for SpiritPlay and Coming of Age: Douglas Ennenberg

Douglas Ennenberg has been coming to this congregation since the moment his mother thought he could appreciate the morning prelude music. He grew up in the UU Youth culture of the Pacific Northwest District, gathering with young people from BC, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska to explore life, faith and radical acceptance. Early on, Doug took on leadership roles, organizing Unitarian Youth across BC to make culture happen. Since going away to school, he has come back to church and involved himself in more volunteer roles, in an effort to explore his roots in this organization, and this organization’s place in a larger faith community.

Joining Kiersten and the team in Children’s Religious Education is a new experience for Doug, and he is learning so much about himself and his skills, as well as digging deeper into questions of faith and education than he thought he would this year! The kids are great, and smart, and passionate, and the work we do in the programs provokes the kind of questions that take a lifetime to answer. Following Kiersten’s lead fostering a Fun and Meaningful community,

Doug brings a passionate but easygoing style, and a desire to relate to all sorts of people on the level of personal wonders and global movement.

Jannika Nyberg is a community builder with a passion for citizenship education. An experiential educator with deep roots in outdoor education and democratic pedagogy, Jannika roots her practice in inclusion.
The heart of Jannika’s philosophy of education is, in fact, the heart of the learner. When we educate the heart, we are simultaneously enriching the relationships and communities of the learner and thereby cocreating a more caring society. Thrilled to be one of the Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guide facilitators, Jannika was drawn to this program both personally and professionally. Her academic studies focused on de-colonizing Canadian history, reconciliation in education and treaty rights.
Personally, Jannika has worked with urban Indigenous students, loving the opportunity to facilitate space for young Indigenous leaders to discover their own agency. So the opportunity to facilitate THRRG in this wonderful community was met with immediate enthusiasm.