Our caretakers are:

Paul Nash, Edgar Silveira, Igor Santizo, Vivian Davidson, Ben Yeung, Jennifer DeBrosse, Matt Yeung

They perform various tasks for congregational and rental events, including furniture set-up, cleaning, audio-visual requests and security.

Members may be interested in seeing a list of the regular tasks that the Sunday morning caretaker is responsible for. Click Here for Sunday Caretaker Tasks

Paul Nash

Paul began hanging around UCV about 20 years ago, as a member of the Harold Brown Fan Club. More recently, he has been a member of the UCV staff since April 2016, and is happy to contribute his ‘fuss-budget-ness’ to the UCV community!

In real life, he wears many hats in the music business: he has been a professional musician for 40 years, both as an instrumentalist and singer; has worked in the recording industry, as well as in the administration of several festivals; and “behind the scenes” as production manager, graphic designer, and database systems manager. He is also very proud of the fact that his son Adrian is studying chemical engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Igor Santizo

Igor Santizo is a multidisciplinary artist working on: community arts and facilitation at large. He has exhibited his own work widely, and has also taught creative process and cultural literacy, while providing creative development / support for individuals and socially intelligent organizations using a wholistic and personal development approach that is fun, dynamic and real.