The Board of Trustees is elected each year at the annual general meeting in the fall.

Anyone who has been a member for at least three months can vote.

To stand for election you must have been a member for six months.

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President – Diane Brown

Diane is the Artistic Director of Ruby Slippers Theatre. She and her son Dylan are long-time members of UCV. Diane is also a Past President of the Church, an active member of the UCV Environment Committee and a fourth Sunday greeter. Her return to the Board is rooted in the desire to help steer UCV through some transitional challenges ahead, assuring that the important work of the Church -environment, social justice, refugee, children and youth programs, to name only a few -are properly and promptly supported, and our sustainability as an organization secured.


Vice President – Michael O’Neill

Michael O’Neil and his wife, Catherine Stewart have been members of UCV for about 27 years. They joined when their 2 children were young and spent the early years teaching Sunday school and were involved in a number of committees and activities. Over the past 12-15 years Michael and Catherine have re-engaged in various aspects of UCV life on a regular basis.

Treasurer – Gordon Gram

Gordon found his “church home” at UCV when attending UBC in the 1960s, thanks to his wife Charlene and mother-in-law Marjorie Smith who were members for over 75 years. At one point, a few years back, they had 4 generations of family attending church. Now mostly retired, Gordon’s career had lots of variety, including oversees work in book publishing with Prentice Hall international, government experience with BC’s Agricultural Land Commission and a number of roles in commercial real estate, land and project development. Volunteer work has included serving on several boards – MSA Community Services Abbotsford, Seniors Housing Society New Westminster, Katherine Sanford Housing society Vancouver and Douglas Park Community Association Vancouver.

Secretary – Galen Elfert

Galen Elfert began attending the Unitarian Church of Vancouver in 1991,at the age of 8, and has been a member since 2001. He has served previously on the Board as a member at large for two years and as Secretary for three, and has been a regular fixture in the Sanctuary sound booth for many years. Galen is in the process of relocating to Nelson BC, but intends to take advantage of our new, socially distant, virtual reality to continue to serve the Church in the upcoming year.

Members at Large

Carolyn Grant

Carolyn has been a member of UCV since 2006. She has served on a number of committees including the Board for two years around 2010. Mostly you can find her at the front door on the third Sunday handing out orders of service – something she had been asked to do as a “one-off” and 13 years later is still there. She brings to the Board a keen desire to make sure the congregation remains financially sustainable and that our governing policies continue to evolve so that we can thrive in the years to come.

Leslie Hill

Leslie started attending UCV shortly after moving to Vancouver in 2004. Before that Leslie began as a Presbyterian, migrated to the United Church and much later spent five years living and working in the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in northern Scotland. In the fall of 2004 Leslie joined the UCV choir and in the spring of 2005 Leslie became a member of the church. Leslie has sung with the choir ever since. Leslie has also worked on the Library Committee and for a few years managed the Book Bashes. One Saturday a month Leslie gardens with Patti and the Buildings and Grounds garden crew.

Leslie taught high school for twenty-five years in Toronto.

John Boyle

John is an active member of the Environment Team, is a member of the Redevelopment Committee, and is a Sunday greeter and a participant in the Mystery Pals and Coming of Age programs. He is mostly retired from a career in environmental management. He looks forward to contributing these diverse interests and capabilities to forwarding the work of the board in these exciting times for UCV.

Jenny Malcolm

“I am honoured to be asked to serve on the board of my beloved UCV. My family and I joined in 2013 after moving back to Vancouver from London, UK. We found a welcoming community here. I also serve as chair of the DREMC. My first career was in communications and public affairs. I retrained as a Clinical Counsellor 5 years ago and now work in a primary care clinic with indigenous people. I love reading, gardening, the outdoors, and live theatrewhich I miss almost as much as I miss Sunday services!”

Catherine Ponsford

“I have been coming to the Unitarian Church of Vancouver on and off since the late 1990’s, having been on the choir, the HR Committee, and now the Board. I got married in the church in 2005, a very happy memory! I am a classic middle-aged white female, parenting two teenage daughters, working full-time, and trying to get exercise when I can. I was raised Catholic, and remember how the Unitarian Church blew the top off my spiritual awareness when I first came, and continues to teach me things I want to learn, to support, and to develop. I am very grateful for this place.”

Marilyn McVicar

Marilyn has been a member of UCV for 14 years.Born in Vancouver, she has livedin the lower mainland for most of her life.She is married to John and is a proud mother,mother-in-law and grandmother.In her work life, Marilyn was first a Counsellor in the Richmond school district and then spent 25 years as a Registered Psychologist in private practice.Marilyn has always volunteered:in Richmond, with the Chimo Crisis Center; and in Vancouver, with Palliative Care at St. Paul’s Hospital, and at UCV as Co-chair of the UCV Lay Chaplaincy committee.Marilyn is retired and looks forward to serving UCV as a Member at Large ofthe Board.

Past President

Leonie Armstrong