The Board of Trustees is elected each year at the annual general meeting in the fall.

Anyone who has been a member for at least three months can vote.

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To stand for election you must have been a member for six months.

President: Mary Bennett

Mary joined UCV in 1991. She is passionate about helping new people and those at the edges  find their own ways to get involved in the diverse and sometimes complex opportunities at UCV. She has recently chaired our Genders & Sexualities Alliance. Mary is comfortable with  technology and initiated various Zoom groups in March 2020.

Mary easily embraces change and hopes that by taking on this role she can support the many changes recently undertaken and lead the board to thoughtful process and transparency about new directions.

Mary was Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000 to 2008 and UCV has  always had an active role in nation-wide connections. One of the first things she did in that role was to invite youth to actively participate through an annual conference (CanUUdle) and having a YOB (Youth Observer to the Board).


Vice President: Dr. Bruce McIvor

Bruce and his partner, Emilie Adin, have been actively involved with the Church for more than  ten years. Their children, Mojave, Tavish and Phaedra are enthusiastic participants in UCV  events. Bruce is a member of the Opportunities Outreach Fund Committee and the IBPOC group. Bruce has given three homilies on indigenous rights and systemic racism and  participated in several discussion groups on the issue of reconciliation with Indigenous people.

Bruce is a leading practitioner of Aboriginal law in Canada. He is an Adjunct Professor at the  University of British Columbia’s Allard School of Law. His collection of essays entitled Standoff:  Why Reconciliation Fails  Indigenous People and How to Fix It will be published in the fall of 2021  by Harbour Publishing. He is a member of the Canadian Board of Directors of Amnesty International and is a member of the Manitoba Metis Federation. Bruce is a partner and  founder of First People’s Law.

Secretary: Lynn Armstrong

Lynn is on the Ministerial Transition Team and has been active with our Social Justice, Environment and Canvass Teams. She has been a Unitarian for over 30 years and a member of  five congregations. From 2015 has been a member of Vancouver Unitarians. She has served in  many congregational roles including several years on boards and has chaired Membership, Denominational Affairs, Social Justice and Intern Committees and was Canvass Co-Chair in two  congregations.

Involvement at the regional and national levels of the Unitarian movement has also been  important to Lynn, attending many conferences, annual meetings and training events. Lynn is  currently on the CUC Nominating Committee.

Lynn describes herself as a retired social worker, happy grandmother and justice activist. She offers to bring commitment and enthusiasm, together with a deep belief in the value of our  Unitarian movement, to the role of secretary on our next Board.

Treasurer: Gordon Gram

This past year I have served as Treasurer, replacing John Taylor who also contributed for a  number of years to the finance and investment committees. Fortunately we have a very  capable and experienced Finance Committee with whom I have been working closely.

I found my “church home” at UCV when attending UBC in the 1960s, thanks to my wife  Charlene and generations of family attending church. My working career included overseas  work in book publishing, experience with BC’s Agricultural Land Commission and a number of  roles in commercial real estate, land and project development. Volunteer work has included  serving on several boards – MSA Community Services Abbotsford, Seniors Housing Society New  Westminster, Katherine Sanford Housing society Vancouver and Douglas Park Community  Association Vancouver. Recently my wife and I have become active with Vancouver Food Runners.

At UCV I served on the Buildings and Grounds committee in the early 2000s for a lengthy period.

Members At-Large (6)

John Boyle (Continuing)

John is an active member of the Environment Team, especially its Wild Salmon Action Team  where he led the creation of its new, activist website. He has been a member of the  Redevelopment Committee, a Sunday greeter, and a participant in the Mystery Pals and  Coming of Age programs. An environmental activist since his teens, John is mostly retired from  an international career in environmental management. In that domain, he worked in both the  public and private sectors with a particular interested in training, including the development  and management of an international online training course in which he still participates. He  takes an active interest in outdoor activities, the arts, and trying to understand our wonderfully complex world and how to effectively engage with the various crises afflicting our blue planet, especially the climate emergency.

Louise Bunn (New)

Louise has an absorbing interest in nature religions, wrote the widely popular UU ARE curriculum “Paganism 101”, and recently completed her master’s degree in “Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred” at  the University of Canterbury in the UK. She has been an active member of UCV since 1996. She  has been a lay chaplain, on the search committee and an active member of the worship  committee. She is currently a youth advisor, a lay chaplain, and an active member of the Pagan  group, helping to lead public rituals and teaching classes for ARE.

Louise works as a sculptor and painter with a busy studio on Granville Island. In her artwork,  she is inspired by the processes of change and transformation, and is interested in how we, as  human beings, find meaning during our time here.

She is honoured to be asked to serve on the board and looks forward to contributing in this capacity.

Leslie Hill (Continuing)

Leslie started attending UCV shortly after moving to Vancouver in 2004. Before that Leslie  began as a Presbyterian, migrated to the United Church and much later spent five years living  and working in the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in northern Scotland. In the fall  of 2004, Leslie joined the UCV choir and the following spring, she became a member of the  church. Leslie has sung with the choir ever since. One Saturday a month she gardens with Patti  and the Buildings and Grounds garden crew. She is a member of the Ministerial Transition Team  and the Congregational Identity Team.

Leslie taught high school for twenty-five years in Toronto.

Ingrid Luters (New)

Ingrid attended UCV services and events for about a year before becoming a member in  November 2019. She has – literally – served the UCV community as a member of the coffee  service team and found the kitchen was an excellent vantage point for learning about the  church’s members, committees and forums. As a lifelong printing and publishing professional,  Ingrid is always interested in anything that has to do with books and has enjoyed the  book/magazine offerings of the library and participated in Book Bash. She is particularly  interested in environmental issues and has a few subversive ideas to address the problem of  plastic pollution.

Ingrid would be pleased to join the UCV board of directors in a role wherever her skills could best contribute.

Jenny Malcolm (Continuing)

I am honoured to be asked to serve on the board of my beloved UCV. My family and I joined in  2013 after moving back to Vancouver from London, UK. We found a welcoming community  here. I also serve as chair of the DREMC. My first career was in communications and public  affairs. I retrained as a Clinical Counsellor 5 years ago and now work in a primary care clinic with  indigenous people. I love reading, gardening, the outdoors, and live theatre which I miss almost  as much as I miss Sunday services!

Catherine Ponsford (Continuing)

I have been attending UCV on and off for almost 20 years. It has been there for me in times of  need, and I want to give back, to keep the flame alive. I have sung in the choir, and served on  the HR committee. I bring the perspective of busy, working parents who value spiritual inquiry  in our commercialized world. I work in the environment field and have two teenage daughters.

Past President: Diane Brown

Diane is very happy that her committed work as President these past two years went towards  helping to usher UCV into an invigorating time of growth and optimism. UCVs future is very  exciting with the now completed Sanctuary Upgrades that allow for increased flexibility and  inclusivity, new staff to increase administrative capacity and membership outreach, and  enhanced RE programming.

Diane is the Artistic Director of Ruby Slippers Theatre, and she and her son Dylan have been  members of the community since Dylan was four years old. Diane used to work with the kids on  Sunday mornings and realizes that she misses doing this after recently leading a session with  them on theatre games. She continues as an active member of the UCV Environment  Committee, and is a fourth Sunday greeter.