About small groups posts

Posts tagged as small groups posts form an occasional series of items of interest to people involved with – or wanting to find out more about – one or more of the groups, committees, or teams listed in the documents linked to below.

Come here anytime to browse or download an online PDF of the List of UCV Groups and Gatherings, the list with its first page shown on the right. See also an online PDF of the Committee and Team Directory.* New versions of these PDF documents are published from time to time, and these links are then updated. The source document, a spreadsheet, is also available. To view it, click here. To view a backup copy, click here. / 2021-02-17

Come here anytime as well to review the list of all posts tagged as small groups posts. Each entry includes a snippet view of the post.

Find your way here from any page on the UCV website by entering “about small groups” in the search box on the right in the page header and clicking on the title you want when you see the search results.

*The two items used to be combined in a PDF titled Directory of UCV Small Groups & Committees/Teams, also known informally as the small groups directory.