A wish list for our labyrinths for 2039 or earlier

Here is Mary’s wish list for our labyrinths for 2039 (or sooner) from her homily presented July 7th.

I have a wish list for the future of our labyrinths.

I wish there was a big welcoming sign giving the basics of how and why to walk a labyrinth.
I wish more neighbours would regularly stop by to walk the labyrinth and that some of them would decide to check out what else happens here.

Bench with labyrinth at Xenia Retreat centre on Bowen Island

I wish there were benches for resting. And maybe a yellow Friendship bench indicating that someone sitting there would appreciate a conversation.
I wish that when you reach the centre of the courtyard labyrinth, you could actually able to walk into the centre area, not have your way blocked by a big tree root.

Some other wishes

  • a late-night lantern walk on the labyrinth–perhaps for Hallowe’en/Samhain
  • until or unless we can move the shrubs around, a bird bath at the end of the courtyard labyrinth walk would be lovely
  • a labyrinth group who meet regularly for labyrinth walks, planning labyrinth walks and tending the labyrinth.
  • more music on the labyrinth. Thank you to Tara for playing her harp on the labyrinth on May 4th – could we have more music? and poetry readings? or?
  • picnics on the labyrinth
  • a little free library – that includes books or handouts about the labyrinth.
  • wooden markers for the plants

Maybe you have wishes? Let us know your ideas!


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